iGameGuardian Download is an application which helps install GameGuardian on your iPhone. It is supporting iOS 11. We are going to provide you with instruction on how to install and download the iGameGuardian. GameGuardian is one the amazing application which helps you to get unlimited scores in your game. A few months ago this GameGuardian application does not support the iOS 6 and iOS  7 devices but now it is working with the all major devices.

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The iGameGuardian is a free application which gives you game guardian application features. As you know that iPhone is very strict and they have never allowed any users to any application but there is some package manager which allow you to install any application you like.  There are currently two methods of installing the application one is official and it is unofficial. Game Guardian Apk Download

Devices Support iGameGuardian

iGameGuardian ios Free is supporting all the major device of iPhone, you can use them with iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus. Game Guardian Apk no root

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IGameGuardian Features

  • You can save any value in-game functions
  • It is supporting all the data formats
  • It also has the store function which can be sort by name and address.
  • It also supports multitasking features. You can run multiple tasks by opening multiple windows.
  • Free game for download free.
  • Search for unknown value
  • It is working fine for all offline games
  • It controls the memory units and stores unique values.
  • Compatibilities with all the latest versions.


Methods to download iGameGuardian

You can download this application with two methods.

  1. Official Method
  2. Unofficial Method


Official Method to download  GameGuardian for iPhone

This is one of the interesting application I have found until now. You can change any value in any game which allows you to enjoy multiple features at one place but this game is a little bit tricky to download especially for iPhone. Game Guardian for iOS

IGameGurdian is a tool which is developed with thintentionon of hacking the mobile game which is first lunch with the apk and knows as GameGuardian Apk. You can change values, level, and scores of your game and get advanced features of any game.

This application primary support for the jailbreak application but if your application is not jailbroken then maybe it will not work properly. For all the nonjail break support the d application you can purchase the original version from their website. Game Guardian for PC

igameguardian ios 11 no jailbreak

Unofficial Method to downloa GameGuardian for iPhone

You can downloaan d application foa r below given link and install it.


how to use igameguardian and install

  • Download file for installation from below mention link
  • Open the Cydia application you iOS Device.
  • Open the source page and for iGameGuardian
  • Now hit install and install it.
  • Now open the game and enjoy it.

Installation Method of IGameGuardian for iOS11

Installation for the iOS 11 is s a little bit different from the other version from the other versions. It needs you to have use Flex3 for the application. If you get to know how to use Flex3 then it will be easy for you to install. Game Guardian APK

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  • Open the Cydia Application source and add the URL “aquawu.github.io/igg”
  • Download application and hit install
  • Open the Flex 3 if you have not installed it already then download it.
  • Now find the gamegurdian source in Flex3.
  • Now open the GameGurdian application and use it.

If you face any issue installing the application let me know I would love to help you.